Meet Trainer, Scott Neill

Scott offers show jumping and horsemanship lessons to our boarders, or haul in's. We do not have any lesson horses, but if you want to bring your own and get guidance on your showjumping or horsemanship skills, you are welcome to contact us and make a booking.

Scott's Horsemanship Background

I have been riding horses since I could walk, and started showing horses at five years of age. I was raised on a thousand acre sheep and beef hill country farm in New Zealand and training, selling and developing horses was a way of life.

Upon leaving school I worked two years at a Internationally renowned show jumping stable breaking, schooling and competing horses in show jumping and fox hunting.

After this I traveled to Australia and competed in bull riding competitions and starting horses. I returned to New Zealand after taking a job as huntsman for Northland Hunt. After three years a position as huntsman opened up in Rotorua Bay of Plenty Hunt, which was the most prestigious position in the country. I accepted that position and became the youngest huntsman to hold that title. I held this position for a little over four years.

I received a call for a private hunt position in Melbourne Australia, and worked there for two years then returned to New Zealand to start my own business training horses and Huntsman for the Maramarua Hunt.

A call to work in America led me to the USA where I met Lori. We have made a home in Bakersfield where I train horses and Lori photographs them, so as always, horses are a huge part of my life.

Scott Neil