Meet Lori


I'm Lori, the creative behind the camera and spending time among the horses. I am rooted in Bakersfield, California with a deep love for the every day, the California sun, the smell of horses, and making a beautiful life on a ranch.

Simplee Focused became my heart and mission when it was time to simplify life and start living more in the moment. I realized I wanted to capture these moments that flee with time so quickly and have memories to look back on for years to come.

I’ve always felt a sense of simplistic, yet majestic honesty from horses. The time between a person and their horse is a moment of stillness that is nearly unexplainable unless you've experience that kind of quietness, that kind of connection yourself... and that's what I want to capture in my work. My photography takes on the task of freezing those moments of stillness. Those moments of quietness.

You are creating your life, and I want to capture it.

From the moment you put on that halter, to the big hug at the end of the show, or even the hustle of daily ranch chores, the big and small achievements and moments, the baking scene between you and your little ones, the backyard running as the sun sets, the trail rides and those moments between you and those you love. Those are the moments that you will reminisce about. Those are the moments I want to capture.

In addition to equestrian lifestyle photography, I have developed a love for styling the scenes of the every day through floral designs and these may become a part of your photography shoot or a very special event at the Ranch.

Life happens, that is a sure bet. I am here to capture the beauty and grace found daily if you look just close enough.

Let's talk, new friend.

Meet Lori