Vista Verde Ranch Horse Photography - with Snow!

Vista Verde Ranch Horse Photography - with Snow!

My favorite color is white... and well white snow is just so magical to me, especially in pictures, or viewing through a window while sitting by a nice warm fire. I am not one who likes the cold, bring me to the beach any day...but, it's been on my bucket list to go sledding with dogs and photograph majestic horses in the snow. So when my friends told me Gigi Embrecht's would be at Vista Verde Ranch hosting a workshop, you better believe I was on board!

At Vista Verde Ranch you are made to feel like family first and foremost. I am not even sure where to start. When I arrived in Hayden, Colorado an employee from the ranch was there to pick me up and drive me to Clark where the ranch is located. Clark is just a hop, skip and jump from Steamboat. The cabins are wonderful, warm, have views of the horse pasture. Your beds are turned down nightly, your floors are heated, there are snacks and drinks stocked daily in your room. You are served 5 star meals three times a day and there are more fun activities to do than I could squeeze in on one trip. (Guess I will have to go back to and finish the list). The staff is always so happy, positive and so well informed about the ranch, you just can't help but feel elated every day of your stay.

I went a day early so I could swing by Grizzly-T Dog Sled Works and finally check off dog sledding from my bucket. It was beyond what I had imagined. The dogs truly love the snow, the run and the job! They were breed for this for sure! There was lots of yelping and jumping and excitement, but as soon as you said go, it was dead silence and then you just took in the beauty of the snow all around you.

Back on the ranch Karen Hutton and Gigi Embrechts were on site shooting for the ranch and working on their collaborated workshop for next year! What a team that will be. Talk about talent and learning to connect through art! If your on the fence about going, let me just push you off the fence and on to filingl out that registration for 2019! You will love it!

Gigi I am so motivated by your work and your lifestyle and I thank you so much for all you shared and taught me. I will never forget the light painting and received my light pen in the mail this week! Cant wait to share. Karen, thank you for reminding me to truly connect and to allow myself to just enjoy the experience and know its just as important as the art created.

Well friends, below are some of the shots from my trip. I am hoping they speak for themselves and tell the rest of the story. Enjoy!

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