Photo shoot with Kressa Peterson

Photo shoot with Kressa Peterson

I have met a lot of inventive entrepreneurs in my day, but Kressa Peterson is one that has left an imprint on me forever! This business woman is so full of energy, you can’t help but be excited about life when you're around her. Kressa makes you feel like anything is possible if you just believe in yourself enough.

Although I think she is closely related to the energizer bunny, she really does have a heart of gold, the strength, courage and tenacity of a grizzly bear, but she is authentic to the core! Her story of overcoming breast cancer, a double mastectomy and how this life changing circumstance catapulted her into a new full time job is quite remarkable. 

So who is Kressa Peterson?

She is the woman who created the Shower Toga, brought it to Shark Tank and got the backing of Mark Cuban along with many happy customers. So what is a shower toga you ask… well its the one item that allows anyone to strip down and clean up in public places without needing a changing room! How cool is that!

I had a ton of fun meeting up with the Shower Toga queen on her travels. I got to meet her dog Nappy (who is 18 and still super spunky just like her momma) and see the Shower Toga in action. I am honored to have met her, inspired by her story and will never forget our afternoon of fun! 

If you want to read her full story I recommend grabbing a copy of Sidelines or heading to their app and reading it online! It’s worth the inspiring read. 

We had such a fun day, I had to share a few pics with you that didn’t make the magazine.

Happy scrolling peeps!

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