Easter DIY's to make you smile!

Easter DIY's to make you smile!

This year Easter is going to be a little different! I usually have a big easter egg hunt, lots of family over, a few games and a big brunch…. and of course lots of treats!

This year I am making the carrot cake as a loaf and then using the left over batter for some super cute cupcakes for the kids. Here is where the original idea came from for the cupcakes, I couldn’t resist how adorable these little white chocolate bunnies for toppers were! I just love them and they were super easy!

I like to try new recipes each year as each one tastes a little different than the other. This year I am trying a carrot cake recipe from The Gourmet Gourmand (AKA The Blog of The Fancy Food Loving Fatso), I couldn’t resist her little carrot decorations, they drew me in! She doesn’t like nuts in her cake and I do, but I’m open to trying it and seeing how it tastes. It was moist, delicious and just the right amount of spice, so this recipe is a keeper!

(Last year I did a three layer carrot cake, for the recipe click here).

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