Beating the Heat this Summer with your Horse

Beating the Heat this Summer with your Horse

Hydration…. Hydration…. Hydration…. keeping your horse hydrated is one of the simplest ways to cool them down. It also replenishes the water lost from sweating, both from exercise and high temperatures. Make sure to have cool, fresh water available for them always.

Add a salt and mineral block in their space. These serve a dual purpose in the summer. They will help replace salt and minerals lost through sweating, but they also encourage them to drink more water.

For a fun activity I like to freeze apple slices and carrots and hang them in Harry’s turn out. It cools him down, gives him an activity and well a treat once he reaches them…. It’s super simple and hilarious to watch.

I feel like the carrots works best. I cut up 4 carrots and place them in a container. you can use anything you like, a bowl, a plastic bucket, I happen to use an old vase.

Literally cut up your fruit or veggies, watermelon works well too, place them in the your dish. Cut your rope and place one end under some of the food. Fill with water and place in the freezer.

When it is completely frozen (I left mine over night) then take it out (I let it sit in the sun 10 minutes and it pulled right out and then hang where they can push it up against a fence or wall so they can get after it.

Bronson loved it too!

Another way I enjoy cooling Harry off is with a nice rinse off after our ride. It cools us both off actually. Just remember if your hot, they are hot! Enjoy your summer and try to stay cool!

I included a few pics below for your amusement… Hee Hee

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