Baking at Home

Baking at Home

There is nothing I love more about HOME than family traditions and the smells in the kitchen!

So when my grandma was alive she used to make us creme wafer cookies… Let me tell you they were a hit! As kids we called them Hamburger Cookies.

All I know is when my grandmother passed, my Aunt Susie took over the tradition. She mails each family member a tin filled with Hamburger Cookies for Christmas every year since! These cookies are an act of love, I gotta tell you. I appreciate every bite a little more now that I made them myself. They take some work, but are worth your efforts. All I know is my Aunt shared the recipe with my sister and I. Possibly in hopes that we would start making our own and stop dropping hints at Thanksgiving dinner that we couldn’t wait for our tin at Christmas time.

So… I tried the recipe and well it was an epic fail! But hey, I tried. This girl can cook, but I am definitely not the best baker! LOL… Thankfully we have Vanessa who recently opened up her own bakery here in Bakersfield. If you haven’t been there, you gotta check it out. It’s seriously a sweet experience!

When I called her about my situation, she immediately came to the rescue and told me to head on over and she would show me how to master these little cookies…. and master we did!!!! Check out our little video of the experience. But seriously, she makes family recipes with members of the community all of the time, who knew!!! I was amazed at how many items in her shop are from clients coming in saying, gosh my mom used to make “fill in the blank” and I just haven’t found anything like it. Vanessa will ask them what it smelled like, what it tasted like and she goes to work recreating some of their childhood memories. How sweet is that!!! So if you have an old family recipe you want to learn, or re-create, definitely give Vanessa a call, she has you covered!

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